Avata Networks

Opening the Future by Connecting the Now

We partner with real estate developers, municipal, county, and other governmental entities, as well as a variety of private partners to deploy last-mile network infrastructure that allows consumers and businesses connected to our networks to choose their internet service provider and be automatically provisioned through a web-based portal. Our networks also support a wide variety of other services in addition to just internet, including but not limited to voice, TV, small cell, DAS and wireless applications, telehealth, home security, and public safety applications such as gunshot detection sensors.


Municipalities &
Real Estate Developers

Avata works with city leaders and private developers to bring broadband solutions to your communities. Through P3s or Joint Ventures, we look at every angle to build a successful project.



Avata works with public and private investors to create successful business cases. Each network is very different and so are the ways in which they are financed.


Telecommunications Industry Partners

While Avata is an affiliate of Foresite Group, Inc., we look to partner with others in the industry to bring the complete broadband package to a city or town. We understand what it takes to build a network and we know not one single company can do it all. But we CAN put together the right team to make it happen.



Avata Networks wants consumers to have choice when it comes to their internet service provider. Our networks enable healthy competition in communities by allowing providers to compete solely on the metrics of price and customer service – benefitting the consumer.


Bringing Innovative Broadband Strategies to Cities Across America



Avata Networks is more than just an infrastructure company; at Avata, we believe in creating value for the communities we work with, and for the partners who help make our projects a reality. We believe our networks enable the best environment to foster creative technological solutions to the difficult problems faced by cities and businesses, and as such, view this is a core driver of the value creation inherent to this architecture. We strive to create win-win scenarios for all parties involved: the cities we work with, the residents of those communities, our ISP partners, and of course, ourselves.